An Introduction


SalliPets rehomes dogs that have been abandoned.
Our objective is to be unique in our mission to help these dogs.
We rescue them, and they work with children that have emotional difficulties, are afraid of dogs or they need a four legged friend to confide in. Our work in this area is called Pet-A-Pet and is a trademarked name. Our dogs may work with the children for weeks, months or years and when the work is done we rehome our dogs.
Our rescues are always welcome to stay with us during their owners holidays, subject to availability. We are so pleased to have them back, whether it be a weekend or a month. They live in my home, are part of the family and that is why we like to have them back for holidays.
We are proud to call our Adopters family and some have adopted multiple dogs. Our work started in 2015 and although we rehome a small numbers of dogs, we are very proud of our little charity.

Our Process


When our Adopters  contact us, we welcome them as family. The adoption journey begins with a visit to SalliPets Rescue where they meet the dogs. They are introduced to the dogs, spend time meeting them and every family chooses differently.  Once they choose, SalliPets will offer help with items they may need or advice.

If the Adopter has doubts, the dog is always welcome back. After all, we know our dogs well and that is the reason our dogs are seldom returned.

We remove the bureacracy, our service is people centred and Adopters  often become  volunteers as well as members of the family.

Our dogs come in different shapes and sizes.

Our criteria is that they are child friendly, gentle and adaptable to any family situation.

Sometimes our dogs are pedigreed. Sometimes they are not.

They are vacinated, neutered,microchipped,  in good health and have a pet passport.

Our dogs come from Hungary and Italy but we also welcome and find homes for tlocal dogs who need a new home. To SalliPets, a dog is a dog regardless where they originated.